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Custom and Cheap Household goods,Idea goods,Kitchenware,bento (lunch) tools,silicone products Supplier and Manufacturer.

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Company Profile
ARNEST was established on May 25 1981 by Kunio Suzuki to plan, manufacture and sell unique household items.
We bring out 3 to 5 items every month and total number of our original items is over 1,000 by now. To offer better items and more satisfaction for customers, we all discuss, consider and exam the ideas and items to release.
We also believe that we could help you to create your original items as OEM or your private brand with our know-how.

We like to see customers best smile through our products all over the world. [Details]
Company: ARNEST INC.
Address: 858 Fukushima-shinden-tei,
Telephone: 81-256-411010
Fax: 81
Contact P: Tomomi Honda (Sir.)