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The business of GBhouse Real Estate is carried out in two specialized subsidiaries - GBhouse Real Estate Services and GBhouse Real Estate Investment Management - which, together, service our clients', realtors, real estate agencies and agents, mortgage companies, movimg companies, etc. Our operations are served by the latest information technology and telecommunications infrastructure.

GBhouse Real Estate Services - US and Canadian property management and leasing of office and industrial real estate with an emphasis on tenant service and information of realty. GBhouse Retail Services - National scale presence in Canada for investment and acquisition, repositioning, leasing and property management of retail centres of all types - open and enclosed - power centres, community centres and regional malls. Both GBhouse Real Estate Services and GBhouse Retail Services have a demonstrated record of success in real estate developments. We provide development services in each region for all asset types.

GBhouse Real Estate Investment Management is our independently governed management arm that our clients' real estate investments. We advise major institutions on their direct real estate investments, as well as managing several real estate investment and mezzanine lending funds. We are currently identifying opportunities for providing similar services in the United States and Canada. Experience, relationships and access to capital have also positioned us to selectively engage in investment management and merchant banking activities. We can assemble teams to undertake any type of real estate merchant banking assignment.

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